Wednesday, February 08, 2006

New Commercial- I'm Serious This Time!

It's amazing how sometimes in life, timing is just everything. Less than 24 hours after posting about my fondness for the Bud Light "Real Men Of Genius" series, I "heard" the new "Real Men Of Genius" commercial.

I have reproduced the lyrics here for your amazement. Quite frankly, I couldn't believe my ears!

If you have never heard a Real Men Of Genius commercial, go here. It's basically some announcer dude with a deep voice reading over music, and then background singers, led by Survivor's (think "Eye of the Tiger") former lead singer David Bickler, providing vocals.

You'll need a little background music for this endeavor. The Real Men Of Genius background music (or a close imitation thereof) MP3 is here, and should be played as you are reading the lyrics below.

New Real Men Of Genius Commercial Lyrics, Copyright 2006.

(Drum intro)
Announcer: 'Bud Light presents...Real Men Of Genius' (Background singer: 'Real Men Of Genius!').

Announcer: 'Today we salute you, Mr. Over-the-top Confessional Lutheran Blogger' (Background singer: 'Mr. Over-the-top Confessional Lutheran Blogger!').

Announcer: 'Hidden in your basement man-cave, you fire darts at the bloated balloons of American church-growth nonsense.' (Background singer: 'Wearing your pajamas!').

Announcer: 'Although your family won't go out in public with you, you've perfected one thing... the modern day wearing of Luther's Tonsure.' (Background singers: 'I really dig that hairstyle!').

Announcer: 'Praise songs? You don't sing no stinkin' praise songs...not when you can sing "A Mighty Fortress" your sleep.' (Background singer: 'That makes me want to raise my hands!' )

Announcer: 'So crack open a Bud Light, O defender of the faith...'cause we all know you're secretly Ablaze!!' (Background singer: 'Mr. Over-the-top Confessional Lutheran Blogger!').

Announcer: Anheuser-Busch, St. Louis, Missouri."


  1. Hey the music bed link is no longer working, you wouldn't happen to have an uncompressed wave of it you could send?