Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Bringing Out The Celt In Me

Or, actually, I could say bringing out the kilt in me.

I am quite easily entertained, a subject for another post. But this is fun for all. I got this from a post by the great Scot Karen at Peripetia.

It's the Tartan Generator.

Generate your own tartan! And, no, that isn't "plaid". Sometimes, just when I think the world's gone to hell, it redeems itself. What a great idea.

Since I am a Scott, I have a few choices in my particular clan. And if you're not a Scott, you can go here to find your particular clan's tartans.

A Scott Dress Tartan, my personal favorite.

Another Scott Clan tartan.

Scott Clan Red Tartan.

Another variation.

Another Scott Dress Tartan.

This is a Scott Hunting Tartan.

Scott Border Clan Tartan.

Another hunting tartan.

Wee-hoo! Excuse me while I go make me a St. Louis Cardinals Tartan. Then I'm going to make me a kilt. Will that be hard, seeing as I cannot sew?


  1. Kool Job on the Tartans - and there is way to actually order your selection and get outfitted in yer Scottish Finery.

    Hmmm... a Cardinals Tartan (I'll have to tell Len...he might be tempted!)


  2. And for the *easily amused* dont forget this one:

    The Falling Sand Game.

    Worth at least several HOURS of FUN any way. (And Wikipedia has some fun tips for ya too!)


  3. I just tried it out. The Falling Sand Game Rocks!

  4. KOOL! Glad ya likes it..very much FUN for those *Slow Times.*