Monday, March 06, 2006

Random Thoughts On A Gray Winter Day

- How many spider eggs have we consumed in our lives? Surely spiders have crawled in to our beverage holders at one time or another as they lived in our cabinets, and layed their eggs.

- I hadn't thought of these two in years, but recently something (I don't remember what) reminded me of two things from 30 years ago or more:
Ringo Starr's "No No Song" hit single.
Make A Wish morning children's show.
Both of these things were way-out '70s fare. Especially Make A Wish. Full of colorful mushroom-induced cartoons with hippie-speak folk songs. Crazy, man.

- Recently I saw one of the "Beatles Anthology" discs, I think the one with Shea Stadium's concert on it. Later on in the disc there is a video, one of the first videos ever, I'd guess, that was of the song "Paperback Writer". It first appeared on old Ed Sullivan's show. If you look closely at the video, I think Paul McCartney has a chipped right front tooth (which I think started the whole Paul's front tooth is dead rumor). But seriously, if you have it, check it out.

- If we had a Gilligan's Island cartoon, and a Star Trek cartoon, how come they never got around to making an Andy Griffith Show cartoon before Don Knotts died?

- How come the President is the only one who seems to be subjected to job approval ratings? We all should have job approval ratings. And they should be published in the paper.

- Better yet, let's have Blog Approval Ratings. Visitors to our blogs would vote on whether they approve of our handling of our blogs. It could be a daily thing. Have a real stinker post (yes, I know, that's quite common in my remote corner), and watch your poll numbers take a nosedive.

- How come the whistle is not used more often as a musical instrument? I only remember it in Donna Summer's "Bad Girls" and Led Zeppelin's "Fool In The Rain."

- And what ever happened to Donna Summer?

- Whatever happened to kaleidoscopes? We used to get one from time to time as children. I haven't seen one in probably 25 years.

- Anybody figured out how to have a blog-radio show yet?

- How come when you get to adulthood you don't have pizza parties or popcorn parties anymore? I used to love these when we had these at school.

- Can you show up for church 5 minutes before church ends and still qualify to fill out one of those attendance cards? Or is there a time limit on tardiness for counting a person's church attendance? What is the protocol?

- Wiffle ball, anyone?


  1. Random blog responses...

    Spider eggs - You are NOT supposed to bring up these things. Kind of like a salesman who tries to sell you a vacuum cleaner or air purifier based on developing your fear of the millions of mites crawling on your body! Uggh.
    70's cartoons - very psychedelic! With all that hippie brain-washing, it's amazing we aren't still walking around with tie dyed clothing. Something to remember when we worry about rap's influence on our own kids.

    Paul's tooth is dead? What time did you write this post? I'm not buying the 7:47am time stamp.

    Andy Griffith cartoon? (Deafening silence is going across the airwaves of our yet to be blog-radio show)

    At least Bush doesn't seem to CARE about approval ratings, unlike our dear Clinton who lived by them. I bet he even dressed by them!

    Blog Approval ratings? I think that is called Site Meter and TTLB. I post, I am a Mammal; I take a break and I become a rodent. Such is life.

    Led Zeppelin's "Fool In The Rain." is a fine example of the whistle in modern music. I love that part! Led Zeppelin is still one of my favorites, except for the weird feeling I get when I realize that most of their music was most likely drug-induced. My 14 year old already has that one figured out. He thinks all of America sat around smoking pot back then.

    Per Wikipedia: In the summer of 2005, Donna toured for the first time in 5 years and launched her official Web site. Today, Summer and her family make their home in Nashville, Tennessee, and New York.

    Whatever happened to kaleidoscopes? They went to

    Anybody figured out how to have a blog-radio show yet? Quit pressuring me! I have yet to buy my first iPod. I'm still paying Best Buy for my children's ones, though. What a sucker I am!

    Friday Night is Pizza Party Night in our house! Every night is Popcorn Party Night!

    You don't want to be in the car with me when I launch my "We're late for church, again." speech! I give my kids plenty of fodder for their future therapists by harping on them for missing the confession and absolution. "If we don't get there for that, we've missed the good part." My son then reminds me that we can do that on our own.

    I hate any balls coming at my face or body.

  2. Random responses to random blog responses to random thoughts:

    - The problem of spider eggs must be dealt with.

    - Paul's tooth- I really think it died. Let's go to the video.

    - AGS Cartoon- why deafening silence? 'Cause it was such a great idea, and now we'll never see it?

    - I think site meters don't go far enough. We should be able to see which posts are most popular. I am thinking like a Clinton!

    - Almost all music is drug induced! At least the good stuff!

    - The kaleidoscope website is cool.

    - No pressure on this radio blogging thing, just wanted you to know- we're ALL counting on YOU.

    - I think "latecomers" should be published in the church newsletter under "visitors".

    - Who do you play wiffle ball with that you are concerned about getting hit in the face or body? Mitch Williams?

  3. YOU are the comedian, not me. Therefore, you should be the host and I'll just email you my stuff. And I might consider guest appearances...

    My fear of any sport involving balls goes back as far as I can remember. My teacher and classmates would just shake their heads in disappointment. Good thing I could skate circles around them!

  4. I cannot remember the Ringo Starr cartoon. Am I too old or too young? ( 4-0!)
    What kind of drugs were the creators of HR Puffenstuff on?

  5. No Ringo Starr cartoon. Sorry for the confusion, Polly.

    Ringo had a hit single around 1974 to 1975 that was called "No No Song". It was a song about Ringo being tempted to try pot, cocaine, and booze, but he would sing "No No No I can't smoke/sniff/drink it no more." It was fairly popular, yet you never hear it on Oldies stations (at least I don't).

  6. And I loved HR Puffenstuff!

    The show that really creeped ME out was Liddsville. Wow. That little talking flute dude was freaky. Like TK implied, how did we not all end up a mess?