Wednesday, March 08, 2006

What Does It Mean?!!!

TK at Katie's Beer has set a deadline. For submissions to Lutheran Carnival.

I'm too embarrassed to ask what it means. So maybe someone out there can help me.

The deadline is Thursday at midnight. Central time.

Now, is midnight Thursday tonight at midnight? In other words, less than 6 hours from now. Or is midnight Thursday tomorrow night, leaving a little more than 29 hours to make a submission?

Okay. I have to know. So, I'll ask...Maria Sharapova.

Maria, is it tonight or tomorrow night?

"I'm not sure. Katie's Beer's deadline confuses me too!"

I know, I could just ask TK...but I just had to use this ol' picture again- it's served me so well!


  1. Oh be quiet! Fine! I messed up! I thought midnight would be easier that typing 11:59pm which is what Daniel wrote.

    Today is Thursday. The last second of today, before it becomes tomorrow, is midnight.

    You are definitely submitting something...

  2. I'm sorry, but whenever I see the chance to use that picture, I can't pass it up!

    Submit something? What on earth do I have to contribute?!!!