Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Bob And Ray

On the Flip Wilson Show a couple of weeks ago on TV Land, the guest stars turned out to be the comedy team of Bob and Ray. As a youngster, I must admit to not liking Bob and Ray. I didn't "get" them.

Mainly because their humor was over my head. Their's was the dryest, most deadpan humor ever performed. Sometimes incredibly subtle, they usually peformed a 3 to 5 minute farcical skit, playing it with incredible sincerity. As I grew older I came to the realization of just how funny they were.

Bob Elliott and Ray Goulding were comedy geniuses (geniui?). Of course Bob is the father of former Scottius Maximus Celebrity of the Month Chris Elliott.

The Official Bob and Ray Website has many samplings of their humor. My personal favorite, The Kimodo Dragon, is here (Windows Media Player).


  1. "Back in the day", as the kids say, Comedy Central (when it was known as The Comedy Channel) used to show the old "Bob and Ray" 15 minute TV programs featuring a young pre-Honeymooners Audrey Meadows. After Mrs. Meadows left, she was replaced by a young Cloris Leachman.

    Talk about engaging, funny, irreverent, and hilarious television! These guys split my gut every time. Fantastic stuff. I wish I could see those shows again.

    Ray Goulding died March 24, 1990. Bob Elliott is still alive. Mr. Elliott gave us Chris Elliott, a funny guy himself cut from the same silly cloth as his father. "Cabin Boy" is the best worst movie ever made. And, yes, I have "Cabin Boy" on DVD.

  2. I just unblocked TVLand from our Dish receivers. I keep forgetting to watch it! Didn't Chris Elliot do sketches on TV for some entertainer, like Letterman or something?

  3. I kind of remember the "Comedy Channel", but I don't remember Bob and Ray's show on there. Thanks for all the information, fatherdmj! I've always wanted to rent Cabin Boy. Especially since it was so universally hated (which usually means I would love it).

  4. And TK- blocking TV Land on your DISH? That is punishable by imprisonment and a $5,000 fine in 45 states. In the South Pacific, such an offense would cause some families to go to war.

    I'm quite certain Jakob Aall Ottesen would not approve.

  5. JAO would most definitely approve. I don't think he would even have the stuff in his house in the first place, and secondly...my children are TV addicts like their parents. It's genetic!