Saturday, April 01, 2006


Watch the Stan Musial statue be mounted in its rightful place in front of the west stadium entrance by clicking the KMOV slideshow here.

And from Redbird Central:

Looking northeast from inside upper deck.

Same view but close up of scoreboard.

Statue of August Busch, Jr. I'm not sure where in the stadium this is.

Given the shadows, I think this is the homeplate corner at the southwest corner at the foot of Highway 40. And even though he's wearing #5, I'm ALMOST positive that dude is NOT Albert Pujols.

Here's the east side of the stadium looking south, which is the center/right field area of the new ballpark. The street north of the stadium is also now paved and apparently open to traffic.


  1. Wow, these are awesome pictures
    Scottius!! The stadium turned out really nice! :) You have done such a good job with all these updates for building the new stadium!

  2. It was easy for me. I just copied other people's stuff.

    Please don't get the idea I had anything to do with these photos, lest I be accused of plagiarism. I have tried to give credit where credit is due. Alas, I'm sure I've screwed up and forgotten to mention someone along the way.