Thursday, April 13, 2006

Maundy Thursday Prayer

Copied from the Lutheran Book Of Prayer, copyright 1970, Concordia Publishing House.

"We remember, Lord, that on this night in which You were betrayed You provided the blessed meal of Your Holy Supper for us. On the eve of the most dreadful hours of Your life, we should think of what You were facing. But You did not think of Yourself. You though ot us. You cared for us, and You remembered us so that we could remember often what You have done for our salvation.

At Your table, Lord, we join the whole company of believers who feast on Your mercy. Unite us in the fellowship of faith as we are made one in this common meal. Make us paricipants in the victory which You won by the sacrifice of Your body and blood. Seal to us the eternal fruits of salvation that You promised with the giving of this meal.

May this holy supper always be to us the Holy Eucharist, the holy giving of thanks, that we may find the joy which You provided for us by Your sorrow. Accept now our thanks, Lord, and keep alive in us the hope that we shall break bread with You in eternity.


Let us join together this evening in this feast of mercy, Christ's true body and blood. Blessings.

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