Friday, May 05, 2006

Battle Of The Mt. Rushmores

A very interesting discussion has been going on this week on ESPN Radio's Mike And Mike Program.

The discussion relates to Mt. Rushmore, a monument to 4 great presidents: Washington, Jefferson, T. Roosevelt, and Lincoln, of course. The two Mikes have been debating a hypothetical "Mt. Sportsmore", a fictional monument that would be carved out to depict the greatest sports icons of all time.

The question is this: of all the figures that have crossed the American sports scene, what four deserve the honor of being carved out of the mythical "Mt. Sportsmore"? These would have to be athletes who not only exceled at what they did, but transcended sports to become part of the American culture for all time.

There are two obvious choices. Babe Ruth and Muhammad Ali. I don't think anyone would argue the "immortality" of these two icons. But what other two athletes belong there are open to debate.

Possibilities include Jackie Robinson, Mickey Mantle, Ted Williams, Joe DiMaggio, Jim Thorpe, Jim Brown, Michael Jordan, Bill Russell, Magic Johnson, Joe Louis, and Jesse Owens. Who else? No OJ jokes, please.

Personally, if I get to do the artwork, I'll put up:
1. Babe Ruth.

2. Muhammad Ali.
3. Joe Louis.
4. Jesse Owens.

Realizing the endless possibilities to this concept, why not expand this idea to include the following, other, "Rushmores".

The Rock Music Mt. Rushmore ("Mt. Rockmore?")- The four greatest, most influential artists.
Again, if they commisioned me to do this, it would be:
1. Elvis.
2. Chuck Berry.
3. John Lennon.
4. Mick Jagger.

The Hollywood Mt. Rushmore ("Mt. Starmore?") - The most noteworthy movie stars.
1. Clark Gable.
2. Marilyn Monroe.
3. Sean Connery.
4. Katherine Hepburn.

The TV Mt. Rushmore ("Mt. Tubemore?") - The most superlative television stars.
1. Lucille Ball.
2. Desi Arnaz.
3. Michael Landon.
4. Johnny Carson.

Okay, your turn. Agree with me or rip me to shreds for my choices. But remember, I have a chisel, and I'm planning on starting today, so what you think is really a moot point anyway.

Now let's see, there has to be some big ol' "rocks" around here somewhere...


  1. Still thinking over my answers...but did link to ya...makes a nice Fret Free Friday Post!



  2. Oooh...but I'd add a category:


    1) Darwin
    2) Marie Curie
    3) Watson
    4) Crick

  3. But if is an American Monument then perhaps it should Mt Saganmore:

    and have Americans only - and I need to *think* on that one too.


  4. What about that "Alfred Einsteen" guy?

    Part of the problem is there are so many possibilities for any category you could make up. And limiting the choices to just four REALLY makes you stop and think.

  5. Mount Tubemore? Mount Tubemore? I'm sorry, I'm stuck on that one. I try to quit laughing and get back to reading the post. Where do you even come up with these things? I'm beginning to understand why your wife blogged anonymously for a while. ;)

  6. Sorry. It's my nature.

    And I too am beginning to understand why my wife blogged anonymously for a while.

  7. Well Einstein did become an American...but I thought of these four:

    1)Ben Franklin

    2)Thomas Edison

    3)Robert Oppenheimer

    4)Rachel Carson

    And that James Hansen, NASA fellow trying to warn us all about Global Warming!! He's a Hero!