Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Mascot Mania

I feel like Chris Farley on The Chris Farley Show this week.

"Remember...remember San Diego Chicken (gulp)...was popular?"

Ah, the famous Chicken.

Whatever happened to him?

Anyway, in the late '70s (1978 I believe) when mascots were taking off in baseball, the Cardinals got in on the act.
The result was (trumpet sound, please):

Fredbird the Redbird.

Fredbird was originally supposed to be a zany character like the chicken, but soon became more of a picture mascot. That is to say, he really didn't do anything except walk around the stadium getting his picture taken with kids, some of whom were scared to death of him. And he did a little cheerleading. Now he does all this and helps the stadium girls fling gifts to the crowd between innings.

Now you can buy Fredbird dolls at the stadium. Kind of wild looking, eh?

Anyway, I ran across a nice summary of the history of Fredbird here. And an "interview" here. Happy reading, Fredbird fans.

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