Tuesday, June 06, 2006

LaRussa No Einstein

(Photo by Tom Gannam/AP)

Jason Isringhausen, aka the human blowtorch, blows yet another 2 run lead last night. That's twice in the last 4 games.

Okay, I'm not Einstein either. But LaRussa keeps contradicting the troll-coifed-one so mightily, he is a one man tribute to Albert's definition of insanity:

"Insanity- doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

Let's use it in a sentence, shall we?

"LaRussa demonstrates insanity by continually bringing Jason Isringhausen in to the 9th inning of games the Cardinals are leading."

LaRussa reminds me of Mr. Krabs. In the SpongeBob Episode "Clams." In it, the money-loving tight-wad Krabs earns his millionth dollar, takes Squidward and SpongeBob on a fishing trip, and promptly loses his millionth dollar in the sea. Which causes him to go mad in the process of trying to recover it.

"I'm wasting more and more of me money at Busch Stadium."- Mr. Krabs 2006.

As Mr. Krabs is seen pulling his elongated eyes out of their sockets and skipping them like jump rope (a visual that just must be seen to be believed- too funny), Squidward utters the immortal line:

"Have you noticed that Mr. Krabs...has gone COMPLETELY INSANE?!"

Well, I have the same question. Just substitute the word Krabs with LaRussa. And then you can call me "Squidward" Maximus.

And for those of you who never thought it possible to tie in Jason Isringhausen to Albert Einstein to Tony LaRussa to SpongeBob Square Pants, I'll leave you with this thought...in this world, everything is intertwined. You just have to find the common thread.


  1. Actually in this picture Isringhausen reminds me of Nancy Kerrigan: "Why? Why? Whhhyyyyyyyy?"

  2. Barb,
    You're right. But we all know the answer to his question, except for Tony LaRussa.

  3. Great post honey!! I have really been thinking about this situation a lot and wonder if Tony is just trying to be "loyal" to Isringhausen? I thought I had heard that he is very loyal to his players and will play them even if they are messing up (to give them an extra chances). It is really hard to figure, but I hope Tony gets this figured out really quickly.

    Bottom line, if Isringhausen isn't performing but getting a lot of money, he should be told that he better get his act together and work harder. Otherwise, he won't play. Personally I think he is not giving his absolute best and taking the money and fame (what for I don't know) for granted. If he was really trying and just struggling, I think we would see it. He needs a better and more conscientious attitude! Now, is my "Lucy" dialect understandable to you? :)

    Good memory, Barb and Scottius!

  4. I don't think Izzy isn't trying. I just think he isn't the same pitcher. And we all can see it except the manager. And a few Cardinals bloggers who shall remain nameless.