Saturday, July 15, 2006

Just You And Me, Kid II- Sola Scriptura

Wouldn't you love to see a film with that title?

Well, the wife and son have left me again. Which means we're having a sequel
to this and this at my house this weekend.

They are traveling with the church's youth group to Wisconsin for the weekend. I think they're going skiing, or something. I told her to pack a sweater.

I do know this- tomorrow they will go to church at our
ULMA mission congregation in Milwaukee. The youth choir is going to sing for their service in the morning. They'll be back by 10 p.m. tomorrow. Allegedly.

Speaking of the mission congregation, I don't think I posted it when it happened, but it now has a name:
Sola Scriptura Lutheran Church.
Has a nice ring. There are about 20-30 faithful members at this point. They have called a pastor, with installation being scheduled for the first weekend in August.

Some of you may not know that
our church voted to leave the LCMS after the disastrous 2004 convention. The LCMS was in conflict with what we believe, teach, and confess.

"And away we go!"

So away we went.

We are now an independent Lutheran congregation. We are traditional Waltherian Lutherans (real LCMSers!) who are confessional Lutherans, that is, we hold to the teachings of the Bible first and to its teachings (doctrine) as explained in the unaltered Augsburg Confession.

For some back ground, I invite you to go..."to the archives!"

- Coming out of the LCMS
- LCMS Board Member Resignation Letter
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- LCMS needs a doctor

A lot of congregations locally thought we had made a big mistake. However, being out from under the ever increasing power-thumb of Gerald Kieschnick and his ilk has been the one of the best things that could have happened to us. Because the LCMS is a political and bureaucratic tool. It is not a "church", as so many people believe.

The Synod is truly cracking at its foundations, bringing it ever closer to its inevitable fall. As this occurs, more and more congregations are inquiring about
leaving the LCMS, according to our pastors, who field phone calls frequently from other pastors and congregational presidents.

The ULMA is good in that we can pool resources with like-minded congregations, such as
Redeemer in St. Clair Shores, Michigan, to build mission churches with confessional beliefs, while still being independent in the "political" sense of the word. There's nothing wrong with being independent, in fact, I'm sure we believe, teach, and confess the same doctrine that other confessionals do. We just don't have to put up with BS like this (source: Reclaim News)-

In discussion in response to a query at the Ohio District Convention about possibly revisiting the '04 Synod Convention (and CTCR) position on the role of women in the church, President Kieschnick made this pronouncement:

"You are free to disagree, everyone is free to disagree, but let me say this: You, pastors, are NOT free to publicly teach or preach that Synod is wrong on ANY given issue. I'll say it again, you are NOT free to teach in a bible class or preach from the pulpit that Synod is wrong on any issue."

Trust me, when we hear things like this, we continue to pray for all of our brothers who haven't had the courage to come out of the LCMS...yet. Because it's only a matter of time before David Behnke or another like him prays with Hindus and Muslims again, with the blessing of Pope Kieschnick.

And LCMS pastors will not be free to speak against it.

That is, if they fear men more than God.


  1. Sir Scottius,

    Thank you for the excellent post. We've had a couple people from an ULMA congregation in Illinois visit our church over the last couple of weeks, and what they have discussed with us so far sounds appealing. The additional info you present in your post is very helpful, too.

    Rick (Quipper)

  2. Small world! I did not realize that your congregation was the one that was visited. That's just wild. I know that there is a congregation in Chicago and one in Wichita that are exploring this as well.

    I am dumbfounded by this.

  3. I hear the old Mousketeers now:

    "It's a small world after all,
    It's a small world after all,
    It's a small world after all,
    It's a small, small world"

    I think some of the methobaptocostals sing this on Sunday mornings, too.

    If you come up Cleveland way, you need to let us know.