Tuesday, August 22, 2006

And Now, With A Look At Sports...

...here's Chris Farley.

"Ummm, well, ummm, thanks Scotty, err, umm, Scottius. Ummmmm, remember...remember when there was this storm in St. Louis a few weeks ago. And, ummm...there was, like, a lot of lightning? 'Member that? And the winds were like 800 mph, I mean, errr, 80 mph? And the Cardinals were playing...and they had to, like, delay the game. Remember? And, like, a lot of people were without electric...umm, electricity? 'Member that? And they didn't have power for, like, months- errr, NO, uhh...days? Do you [gulp] remember that? And Busch Stadium was, like, damaged?

Would...would you like to see some movies, errrrr, I mean, ummm, video...of this?

Yeah? Cool!!!!

This was Busch Stadium that night...


Ummm, do you wanna see another one?

That storm, was, like, AWESOME!

YEAH! Cool!

Now, back to you Mr. Maximus!"


  1. YouTube is pretty awesome. Do you spend the day surfing the site for Cardinals and Busch stadium videos? ;)

  2. I knew you would post these videos! Good post honey!! :) You make it so interesting!! :)

  3. Hey, Barb!
    Spending the day surfing You Tube for these kinds of videos is a great idea. Thanks.

    Hey, Luce!