Friday, August 25, 2006

Around The Horn Friday

I've got a lot tonight. Great posts abound to check out if you've missed them.

Aardvark Alley posted the You Tube video that single handedly brings one to believe the entire educational system in this country should be scrapped.

About Gardening posts about Great Fall Bloomers and also Pruning Timing Tips.

Ask The Pastor posted about Heaven and about the gift of using drugs! Far out, man!

Barb The Evil Genius linked to an absolutely hilarious Presidential sticker book that has none other than that great American President, John Kerry, on the cover.

Caffeine and Irony has a great post about Moneyball. In that how a bunch of dorky stat-geeks have entirely missed the point of the whole thing. Then a post about more dorky geeks trying to make a name for themselves by stripping Pluto of planet status. Losers. Long Live Pluto!! PLU-TO! PLU-TO! PLU-TO!

Cranach as usual has several interesting topics. Theology of the cross for dummies is fit for dummies like me. Reggie White, the Bible, and hearing God speak is the topic of this post. Finally, he has two posts about the Islamo-War we're in, one regarding higher criticism of the Koran and the "new" rules of war.

Des Moines Girl gets a person all excited for the great Iowa State Fair, with a LOL post.

Engadget has the dreaded personal chopper on its site. You'll have to click here to see what that means. Sometimes, pictures are too good for words.

Favorite Apron adds strength to the argument for kilts.

Gizmodo has a great new OUTDOOR entertainment center. Okay, the whole thing looks kind of cheap...but check out the giant gorilla on the screen!

Katie's Beer has several inspirational posts about Taylor Hicks finally getting to meet his idol, the great TK.

Lutheran Lucy posts about living in the Andy Griffith Universe/Era. I get to be Andy. 'Cause I called it.

New Urban Legends posts about two true stories out of the war on terror. Tom Cotton's letter to the NY Times calling them out for their treason, and Brigette Gabriel's speech at Duke University.

Popgadget has a nostalgia piece on the first portable cell phone (price $3995!). We also have a program that will digitally take your profile and cut a wooden image with it. And, if you think Sumo suits are funny, then you must see this.

The Quipper needs help finding songs that are not over 10 years old to play.

World Magazine Blog links to Michael Barone's piece about the elites of THIS COUNTRY who want us to lose the war. Also, conservatives are having more babies than liberals (duh, the liberals have wiped out millions of themselves through abortion and birth control), which should make it harder for liberals to win elections in the future.

Happy reading this weekend!


  1. Finally, someone who appreciates me!

    If anyone has absolutely nothing else to do tonight or this weekend, check out this controversy:

    I'm Katie and the other guy is someone at the concert who called me (as a representative of the 45+ crowd) some pretty derogatory things. It is good to view yourself from another viewpoint, but he went way out of line. I've actually corresponded with the guy and I think he's just stuck on how cool and smart he is for his 20+ years. Much smarter than us 45+ people. Anyway, the whole thing has gotten me about 400 hits just today. Pretty interesting stuff...

    Good thing Kirby comes home tomorrow!!!

  2. Hey honey, thanks for the mentioning of my post! You have some very interesting links on here! You always know how to stir up us bloggers! :) (That's a compliment!)

  3. Scottius, thanks for the shout out. Always need to touch base with more parents forced to listen to their kids' music. Maybe they'll find something halfway decent that we can add to our set list.

    It'll take me the rest of the weekend to work through all the links.

  4. TK!

    Don't try to argue with a narcissist. He'll always be right, always be better, and is not interested in your point of view. You cannot win. If only he saw himself the way everyone else does.

    400 Hits? Whoa!

  5. Luce!

    Thanks. I think. You make me sound like a narcissist. I'm not trying to stir anything up.

  6. Narcissist? Wow,I never thought about it that way. You just made me instantly forget about him. Thanks!

  7. Hey Scottius! Thanks for the hat tip!

    I read that article about conservatives having more babies than liberals. You forgot one other factor that cuts into their baby making ability - gay marriage.

  8. Thanks for the hat tip and the shout out for the Tribe. Update: DK has replaced the incorrect picture on their own site, but it was still there in its BDS glory at outside vendors such as Amazon. According to a commenter at Misha's blog who emailed DK to correct their mistake, the President Kerry cover was a "joke" pasted up in the cover department, and it actually got put up instead of the correct one. Believe it? You make the call.

  9. Dear, I didn't mean it that way! What I meant was that you always know how to make us all laugh!!

  10. DMG - if libs keep believing the way they do for just one more generation, they should become a permanent minority. (MWAAAAHHAHAAAAA!)

    Obviously, the girls at Padua Academy never watched Schoolhouse Rock, and "sufferin' without suffrage" piece.