Thursday, September 07, 2006

After A Good Night's Sleep, I Feel Better Now

Besides, this is the best time of year. Baseball's playoffs are coming up. College football has started. The NFL starts tonight. And best of all...

THIS will soon exist. Can life get any better? I'm hoping Louie will eventually star in his own show.

"Hey...tanks man."

By the way, I'm taking Miami tonight. Just a hunch. I'm sure all you Pittsburgh haters are with me on this.


  1. Barb! Quipper!

    Sorry it didn't turn out like it should have. But it was a noble thought, huh?


    I am looking forward to your insightful and analytical picks this year. We're all waiting impatiently in anticipation of your Sunday picks. Thank you for playing!

  2. Ah yes, I bet you are SO EXCITED about my "expertise" with football picks!! Ha!! Ha!! You are most welcome!! :)