Saturday, September 09, 2006

But They Didn't Ask Me

If only the Beatles had included "If You've Got Trouble" on the album Help!, they might have been more successful as a group. I love that song. But then again, I like anything with Ringo. Word has it that it was ditched in favor of Ringo's Act Naturally. Which is a shame, because they're both great songs.

I'm sure there was another song on Help! that could have, and should have, been cut. There was probably a song on that album that was not even REALLY a "Beatles" song, except in name only. Let's see do I put this, since this all happened too many Yesterday's ago.

Am I right?


  1. Interesting post.

    I've never heard "If You've Got Trouble" or "Act Naturally". Looking at the lyrics, it seems Trouble would be a more rocking tune.

  2. 'If You've Got Trouble' had one take with some overdubs in Feb. of 1965. It was immediately rejected by the group. Nearly four months later they were recording the non-soundtrack side of the Help! album and Ringo, being a fan of the countryish style of music, recorded 'Act Naturally', which can be seen here: (this is taken from the Beatles Anthology set..... and they play 'Ticket to Ride' live too.... until the last verse then they cut it to the studio recording) I'd probably be more likely to go for 'If You've Got Trouble' because it is more of a rocker and I like Harrison's guitar solo.

    'Yesterday' is a good song, I'll admit not my favorite but it is good nevertheless. Here's a clip of 'Yesterday' from the same concert that I just took 'Ticket to Ride' and Act Naturally from. It was in Blackpool, England, about two weeks before the historic Shea Stadium concert.

    You might be interested in the fact that while the studio version of 'Yesterday' only Paul plays, in 1966 all four Beatles played during their concerts. It's not exactly the greatest showing of them live.... but they couldn't ever hear themselves play after Beatlemania erupted...... with the exception of these Japan concerts but that's another story.. anyway here the Beatles are in 1966 in Japan...

  3. Quipper!

    Yes, Act Naturally is kinda country, it being a Buck Owens song. But perfect for Ringo. And Trouble is more rockin'.

    Mr. Anonymous!

    You are either a Beatles expert, or you have a "fascinating" imagination. Thanks for the info. And the links are cool.

  4. Quipper, you will have to listen to both of these songs! I agree with Scottius - they are both great!

    Yes, it looks like we do have a Beatles expert here Mr. Anonymous! You are a source of information!