Monday, September 25, 2006

Weekend Observationals

- I've seen all kinds of touchdowns scored. Guys flipping over others, all out dives, kicking-the-legs-out-while-running-struts, and the like. But I've never seen one like Dallas Clark's fall to the knees catch. As he caught Peyton Manning's ball standing wide open, he fell to the ground, his knee touching the goal line. Six points. Next up? How about the "stick your toe in the end zone like it's a cold pool" move? Why not? It's still six points.
- From now on, when a player jumps in the air for the end-zone, and gets absolutely hammered like Chris Simms was yesterday, the move will now forever be called "the spleen-buster move". I still don't know if he scored or not.
- Speaking of moves, the "Pick Up Your Jockstrap Award Of The Week" is given to the Bears' Thomas Jones, who's 3rd quarter deke of a Minnesota defensive back is a must-see. I just don't know where I can link to it.
- The Cardinals now have the National League's other teams by the berries. 'Cause they stink so bad no one is going to take them seriously if they still make the post-season. It's all part of Tony LaRussa's secret "surprise attack" strategery to sneak up on post-season opponents.
- The NFL Flag Football advertisement, featuring a 13th century Scottish kiltsman scoring an ancient TD after his kilt was ripped from around his waist, was hilarious.
- In other ads, the BK "King" was back again this week to lay the wood to Torry Holt. It still cracks me up when, with that goofy smile on his face, he pulls out a Whopper and offers it to the dazed receiver.
- The AZ Cardinals' should have been awarded at least 3 points yesterday when Adrian Wilson broke up a TD pass to the back of the end zone by tipping it- through the uprights.
- The football Cardinals' uniforms are gorgeous. I've always liked them. Hmmmmmmm...I smell an NFL Runway post coming.
- And finally, below you'll find my favorite picture of the weekend (courtesy of Ted S. Warren/Associated Press and Fox Sports). This was snapped as the Giants left the field in Seattle after being drubbed. Fans sure are sweet, you know?

My favorite sign is not the 'Ladies' slam, although it certainly has an ingenious malevolence . Nope. My fave is the brilliantly understated, and yet sublime, mockery, 'Go Jets'.

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