Friday, October 20, 2006

The Curse Is Over

Everyone remembers the curse of the Babe. Most know about the curse of the billy goat.

Not many knew about this curse.

I'm talking about the curse of Tim McCarver.

McCarver was the Cardinals' catcher for most of the 1960s, including the 1964 and 1967 World Champions and the 1968 NL Champions.

He was traded to Philadelphia. But then made his way back to the Cardinals. Only to be traded away again.

Ever since then, I have perceived a sense of bitterness from McCarver toward the Cardinals. Maybe I'm just sensitive, but whenever he would announce the Cardinals games, I always felt he slighted them.

Maybe it wasn't bitterness, but a desire to not appear to "favor" the Cardinals due to his past ties. But I have always sensed he treated St. Louis a little different, even to a very small extent. I could be wrong, but that's how it has seemed.

Even if that is not true, it is an undeniable fact that McCarver the announcer has always been bad luck to the Cardinals.

He was in the booth for the 2004 World Series. Which we lost.
He was in the booth for the 2002 NLCS. We lost.
He was in the booth for the 1987 World Series. Lost.
He was in the booth for the 1985 World Series. Yep.

The Cardinals, until last night, had never won a post-season series which he announced. In fact, when I heard his voice in game one, I thought all was lost. There were so many things going against St. Louis winning, I'm stunned.

Now I'm even more stunned, because I realize the curse of McCarver is over. Now, let's bury that sucker with Tiger carcass.


  1. AMEN! McCarver is hard to listen to, and he tries to hammer on the Cards every chance he gets, even if it doesn't make sense. My husband and I shake our heads in disbelief at his comments. We ponder whether it is harder to deal with him or the delay by listening to the radio while watching tv......

  2. Rebecca!

    Now that there is a delay, I become discumbobulated trying to listen to radio and watch TV. So far, McCarver's been okay.