Tuesday, October 03, 2006


To kick it up a notch!


3 p.m. Cardinals/Padres.

Go Carp! Go crazy Albert! Be there, and wear your red!


  1. Go Cards! Now that the Indians have gone home, they're the only ones I care about.

  2. Barb!

    Nice to have you with us!

    It's gonna be fun to watch this year because no one is expecting much. I could hardly watch the playoffs the previous 2 years. When your team is the favorite the tension in your world is too much to cut, even with a dagger. I've never been this relaxed watching the playoffs play out.

    Wear red. Be loud. Kick butt. Take names.

  3. I'm wearing my hat during the games. My family can attest that I'm being loud.

    Game 1 - sweet.

    Go Cards!!

  4. DK!

    Keep it up! You could be the key to the victory tomorrow.

    In the words of the great Michael Shannon, "You never know, big boy, you never know."

  5. Barb!

    The last one is always the hardest. Especially with this team. Witness the last week of the season.

    Keep the pedal to the metal, dudes. And whatever you are doing to help, Barb, please keep it up.