Monday, October 09, 2006


"And here's to you, Ronnie Belliard,
for your key hits and great defensive play...hey hey hey...
What's that you say, Mr. Belliard?
There's plenty more of that stuff on its way...hey hey hey...hey hey hey."
- The little known, and seldom played, 'missing' verse of 'Mrs. Robinson'.

Special thanks to the Indians for trading us Ronnie. He had 2 key RBIs last night and several key defensive stops in the series. Overall he was 6-13 in the series with a whopping 1.071 OPS.

Glad that one is over. Now everything is all even again. That's the weird thing with the playoffs. The season's records, stats, anything that was done previously, mean nothing. It's all a clean slate with each series.

On to the NLCS. We'll see how it plays out. The WS Championship looks wide open for the taking right now.

Go Cards. Wear red. Be loud. Go crazy.


  1. Ronnie is clutch! His defense is solid, and he always give you the chance to turn the double play.

    Scottius, congrats.

  2. We watched the last part of the game and it was exciting! I commented to my baseball-guru husband about the new stadium, he looked at me in surprise (since he didn't even know about the new stadium). I started to explain that I knew all about the stadium, but I stopped because whenever I utter the words, "Well, I know about it because there's this blog...", people's eyes either glaze over or roll.


  3. Quipper!

    Thanks. Everything from here on out is gravy. For the first time I'm going to watch the NLCS relaxed because we're not the favorites.

  4. TK!

    Thank you. I can't say I still don't miss old Busch. So many memories there. I haven't made it to the new stadium, probably won't until tickets aren't scarce. It seemed foreign to see it on TV at first, but it's starting to feel "homey". Once some good things start to happen there, like this series winner on Sunday, it will feel more and more like home. Winning the Pennant or World Series there would definitely not hurt.

    You should start a Twins Blog and sign your husband's name. Then he'd have to get involved and could learn to appreciate "the blog".

  5. You and the Quipper have the same knack for lyrics. I enjoyed that.

  6. I miss Ronnie. :( I wish I could watch the Cards play, but right now we only get AL games on non-cable. The NL seems to only be on ESPN or ESPN2. I guess the Cards will just have to make it to the Series so I can watch them then!

  7. I know what you mean about the rest of the games being gravy. I saw predictions on the ESPN website for the post season, and out of like 20 guys, only ONE had us beating the Padres. Granted, my own expectations weren't all that high...but still, ONE??
    Well, he's the genius now! So having shown the rest of that crew, we can cruise down the road and see where it goes. Got my hat and my knitting ready for Game 1!!

    Go Cards!!

  8. Well, as far as Belliard goes.. I know what Mike was saying about him.

    "Ol' Abner has done it again!"

  9. MarieN!

    Thank you. That one just came out of nowhere.


    The rest of the games are on Fox, so hopefully you can see some good games. And we get Joe Buck this year. The downside is we get McCarver, too.


    I think for this round you'll see "none" instead of "one" picking the Cardinals. Which is just fine with me. It really doesn't matter what anyone thinks.


    Usually when I hear that line, I'm chewing my fingernails listening to a close game. But it does fit Belliard because in the post season it is usually a lesser known player who shines.