Thursday, October 19, 2006



This is one of those nights where sleep will be hard to come by. My heart's been beating like a blender all night long. There's no way to drain the adrenaline quickly. Which is fine. I can savor nights like these. They don't come that often.

I've lived to see some great series in my lifetime, but this one is second banana to none. Thrilling.


  1. I was wondering if you would post tonight! That *was* pretty sweet, wasn't it? And think what a blender your *stomach* would have been in if Isringhausen was healthy and they put him up in the ninth instead? :) Happy for ya.

  2. Now I can't wait for the Big Show. This year, I care!!! Hopefully it will not snow.

    And it is nice to be rooting with my Quipper again instead of against him :-)

  3. What a great, great game. (Now that I can breathe again!) Now, if this "rush" wears off this afternoon, I'm sunk....but I don't care.

    On to Detroit! Go Cards!

  4. Marie,

    We don't root against each other, we just root from different rooms in the house. :-)

    Go Cards! Beat the Motor City Kitties.

  5. Barb!

    It's as sweet as honey! Izzy would have put me in the grave if he were out there last night. It was bad enough as it was. Thanks for all your support. What a great ride!

  6. MarieN!

    Thanks. This is so much fun. Let it snow, I don't care!

  7. DK!

    One of the best games I've ever seen. And I've seen a lot. Instant classic. I would have hated to lose it.