Wednesday, November 22, 2006

An Imploration For Anyone Reading This Message

I implore you to celebrate Thanksgiving this year by getting enough to eat. I know, I know, a lot of you are planning on fasting tomorrow. But why? Do me a favor, please. Forget all that nonsense. Eat, drink, and be merry. For you and I know not if we will even be here to celebrate another Thanksgiving next year.

So take seconds. Take thirds. Heck, take fourths. Fatten up like you've never eaten before and never will again. Because we may never be here again.

Please. Eat well. Do it for me, will ya? That's all I ask of you. Don't make me beg.


  1. Scottius!

    Being the contrarian that I am, you have compelled me not to eat at all tomorrow.

    Virtually speaking, of course. :-)

    Happy Thanksgiving to the whole Scottius crew - primates and humans alike.

  2. Scottius!

    I will raise a glass (and a fork) to you tomorrow!

    Have a very happy Thanksgiving! :-)

  3. Quipper!

    Thanks! Happy Thanksgiving to all of the Quippers.


    Happy Thanksgiving to you! And I'll raise quite a few glasses and forks, God willing.

  4. Okay Chimpie, I will be watching you!!! lol I know you are just SO EXCITED to eat my deviled eggs! Who would have ever thought an ape would like deviled eggs, especially MINE! :) I just have that "special" touch, don't I? lol

  5. Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving to you Quipper and DMG and your families!!:)

  6. Luce!

    Uhhh, yeah, Luce. They look so delicious. And what can you say about their texture? No really, what can you say?!!!