Thursday, November 30, 2006

New Holiday

Ever hear of the great American smoke-out?

I'm proposing something different.

I'm going to call it...the Great American Blog-out.

On that day, no one goes to work. It's completely skipped. So what do we do? We blog. All day.

Anyone interested?

And I've got the perfect day for it, too. I propose January 1st. Spread the word.


  1. Honey, I must say that you look "smashingly great" in that picture!!!
    You look so relaxed too! Now do you have a proposed schedule for all three of us to do our blogging on January 1st? lol :)

  2. Luce!

    Thanks. Don't bother me with details.

  3. Scottius!

    What if we already blog all day? Do we double blog? Unblog? Informally blog? Virtually blog?

    Blogfused in Cleveland

  4. I kind of like this idea. What if we pick several times througout the day where we all post something... Or which each have assigned times when we blog something... Or we just wing it and not have any kind of plan at all and all blog as much as we want to whenever we want to on Jan. 1.

  5. Quipper!

    Don't bother me with details!


    Thanks. I vote winging it and free-for-all chaos. But don't bother me with details!



  6. Ummm, I don't mean to be a bother, but isn't January 1st already a holiday? I will definitely join in the 1/1/07 blog-a-thon!

    Anyone care to join me in my December Blog Challenge?

    Glad you all survived the great ice storm of 2006. We just had a sales rep up here from St. Louis. He seemed confused that he flew north six hours to colder temps and no snow (or ice).

  7. TK!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I knew you'd catch on! You're the only one who read the post in depth enough to point this out. Not a bother at all, just a relief.

    I wish I could join the Challenge, but ice-storm destruction of my internet powers these past six days make it impossible for me to "win" the challenge. I've been watching you closely, however, since our cable got reconnected.

    Snow I can deal with. Ice is truly an element from hell.