Thursday, December 07, 2006

I'm Back

And I'm definitely in black. Actually, in black today, but not everyday. And definitely not back in "the black", if you know what I mean. Of course my fur is a little black. Depends on the sunlight. Although in a black light I glow a bluish gray hue. Which is weird because you can also see a lot of dandruff when you do that. I've seen ringworm glow under a black light, but that's a fluorescent green. And how come there aren't more fluorescent colors. Like fluorescent taupe. Which I always thought was the oddest name for a color. Taupe? What is that? Reminds me of toes, not just in the sound of the word, but I guess also it's a little flesh colored. If you're white. Toes, though, being part of feet, should never be brought up in conversation except with your doctor. I have an aversion to feet. Not that we shouldn't have them, just that we shouldn't be talking about them. Remember when Kramer's girlfriend lost her pinky toe in a freak traffic accident? And Kramer grabbed the toe and commandeered a bus to get it to the hospital so the doctor's could sew it back on? And Jerry thought at one time that one of his girlfriend's had her big toes sewed on her hands to replace her thumbs? Or maybe that was George. Anyway, does George magazine even exist anymore? I like Better Homes and Gardens magazine. And Sports Illustrated, only without all the ads. My favorite used to be the Sporting News. It used to look like a newspaper, because it used to be one. Now it's just another picture magazine. I've lost interest in it. Probably like what you've done reading this post up to this point.
Anyway, the cable's on again, and I'm back.