Friday, May 18, 2007

Scottius Maximus Celebrity Of The Month For May

For May, I've chosen Terrence Howard.

Now, I have no idea whether he's a Cardinals fan, a Lutheran, or both. My suspicion is that he's neither, which makes him a curious choice for a celebrity of the month. But out of all celebrities of the month, I found out I have the most in common with him.

He's also a curious pick for the honor because, until about 30 minutes ago, I had no idea who Terrence Howard was.

You see, I just found out Terrence Howard is my twin.

At least he is according to the Celebrity Face Recognizer at My Heritage.

The idea is to upload a photo of your face, where it does some kind of cyber-hocus-pocus and spits out, based on its analysis of your facial features, which celebrities you resemble with a % of how closely you look like that person.

I first saw this a couple years ago on the Bunnie Blog (RIP). I thought I'd give it a try again this year with 3 pictures of myself I have on my computer.

Only two celebrities showed up more than once on the facial recognition list for the 3 photos. Terrence Howard, who was listed on 2 of the 3 lists, as was George Clooney. But Terrence Howard averaged a 56% score, while George Clooney averaged only 52.5%.

Next time you see Terrence Howard, just remember that he's Scottius Maximus' twin.

The first photo I used I got the following results:
Pierce Brosnan 70%
Nikita Mikhalkov 67%
Tim Roth 59%
Bae Yong-jun 58%
Jason Priestley 56%
Martin Sheen 54%
George Clooney 53%
Maria Montessori 52%
Zsolt Baumgardner 50%
Julian McMahon 49%

So I did it again and got:

Arnold Schwarzenegger 55%
Luis Figo 54%
Terrence Howard 52%
Robert Plant 51%
Kristen Bell 46%
Nick Cave 45%

So, I thought, best 2 out of 3. So I tried one more picture. And got the following results:
Steve McQueen 63%
Terrence Howard 59%
Gerry Adams 58%
Kevin Smith 58%
Tsui Hark 55%
George Clooney 52%
Yossi Beilin 48%
Chris Evan 47%
John Travolta 47&
Freeman Dyson 47%

What celebrities do you most resemble? Try the Celebrity Face Recognizer.

I'm going to try it with photos from my past next time. I can't wait to see who I used to look like.

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