Friday, January 12, 2007

Winter Baseball

I've been having my first baseball thoughts of 2007.

1- If anybody has MLB 2006 for PS2, please let me borrow it. There's something wrong with mine. I was about through the first two months of the season I was playing, but now after I load my season and try to play another game, it keeps freezing up. I can play the game otherwise and complete transactions, I just can't play or simulate any games. Which means if I can't fix it I've wasted all that time. And no jokes about how I've wasted my time anyway.

2- Baseball Mogul has yet to be played this winter on my computer. I guess I've been too busy.

3- I'm glad to see Mark Mulder re-signed with St. Louis. I would have hated to see him leave the way he pitched last year before going on the DL permanently in September. We still won without him. Making me think we'll be even better this year after he comes back.

4- Jim Edmonds had surgery to correct a hammer toe but shouldn't miss any regular season games because of it. If you don't know what that is, click here.

5- What's the rotation? Carpenter, Kip Wells, Anthony Reyes...well, Mulder, but he won't be ready until mid-season...Adam Wainwright, possibly...uhhh...I give up. I honestly don't know who else. But it doesn't really matter. I'm with Walt Jocketty. This will all shake itself out. See what you have in Spring Training, make a move then if you have to, and wait for the inevitable mid-season bargains to pick up. Worked with Jeff Weaver and Ronnie Belliard last year.

6- If you haven't seen the "claymation video" of the Cardinals-Mets epic NLCS last fall, click here. You'll leave the site both marvelling at it and feeling sorry for the poor sap who wastes his life doing such things. Kind of like the feeling you get every time you read my blog. Hat tip Viva El Birdos, who also had the following interesting post.

7- Who was the biggest boor to wear the Cardinals uniform? I vote for Keith Hernandez. Garry Templeton also comes to mind. Joaquin Andujar doesn't count because he was just plain crazy. And if we're strictly talking egomaniacs, how about Ozzie Smith?

We're a little more than a month until pitchers and catcher report. Wow, time flies.


  1. Great post - I'm SO ready for Spring Training to's just the remedy for a gray winter day.
    Loved the claymation!
    Reliever that always made me scream?? RICK CROUSHORE

    I remember him blowing a 10+ run lead against the Mets....and yet, everytime I turned around, Tony brought him in.

    I remember being on a road trip in WI and listening to a game (which we were winning!) and having a screaming fit when they brought him in. (We lost.)

    I had just pulled into the church parking lot where my dear friend the Lutheran Logomaniac had just received a call. I was driving through the area, so I pulled in to check it out. I called them on the cell phone to tell them what the house looked like - they hadn't seen it yet.

    When I pull up to their house on a hot summer day, I always remember that game.

  2. DK!

    I used to do the same with Luther Hackman and Jeff Fassero. And of course the 2006 late-model Isringhausen.

  3. Scottius!

    All your points are good points...except for the one where Mulder decided to stay with the Cards, instead of coming over to the Tribe. :-(

  4. Quipper!

    I didn't know Cleveland was after him! He's a bit of a gamble, but I think a well measured one. I'm hoping Weaver will sign for two years instead of the four or five he wants. Even in this crazy market he has had no takers on that.