Sunday, February 11, 2007

For Laughs

Last week we had a bat in the church. It didn't bother anybody, but it was gone this week. We have a veterinarian in our congregation (if you knew our congregation, you'd understand why we need one!) who helped remove the bat.

Anyway, it reminded me of something that always cracks me up.

Here's Barney, in the episode "Cave Rescue", talking about bats:

I never did like caves. You know what you find in caves? Bats! That's right, bats! And do you know what they do? They fly into your hair and get tangled up in there and lay their eggs and you go crazy. All right, laugh! It's happened. Do you want a head full of bat eggs? I don't!" [Spoken at Lost Lovers' Cave]. "

Here's a website that has a number of wav files from TAGS. Part of this quote is one of the first ones, if you want to listen.

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