Friday, March 30, 2007

I Love The '80s

In the spirit of yesterday's post...

we now have word of a Saturday marathon...

of another 1980s classic...

to be shown on ESPN Classic...

this Saturday March 31st...

starting at 12 PM CDT...

until 6 PM CDT...

Ladies and Gentleman...


Some thoughts:
1. My favorite games were The Joust, Powerball, and Assault.

2. I couldn't stand 'Nitro'.

3. 'Atlasphere' was like watching hamsters race.

4. Where are they now?


  1. Oh my, I remember that show. The big question is WHY do I remember that show? I must have watched it...several times. I'm assuming you already found this:

  2. I have to admit to liking that show. I think next you should do a post comparing steroid sales of the 80's/today.

  3. TK!

    Yes, I found it, but thanks anyway. It was a great show to watch late at night- it came on late Saturday night at my locality.


    Yeah, like how Barry Bonds head and feet have grown several sizes since the '80s.

  4. Too bad...I thought you were referring to yet another sports classic (20 year anniversary)being shown today on Fox Sports North. Yes, it is that wonderful classic known as the 1987 World Series: The Minnesota Twins versus some team from somewhere south of here. I don't have time to Google it right now. Can anyone look it up for me???

    Right now, Jeff Reardon is pitching to Willie McGee for the last out. My husband is in baseball heaven right now. I was in grad school back then and classes were actually cancelled the next day. It was a statewide holiday for every single person.

  5. TK!

    Hard to believe that's been 20 years ago. Wow. I was actually still young.

    I'm also in baseball heaven right now. And every single day I've woke up since October 27th last year, it's been the same. Something to be savored because it may never happen again. Despite another season starting tonight, I think that feeling will continue on for awhile. Maybe until the next time we're eliminated.