Thursday, March 29, 2007

Just Like Sgt. Pepper

Thanks to Barb and TK for participating.

I thought someone would guess the above, which launched the career of MJ. It was 25 years ago today. But that still would be wrong.

Twenty years ago today, one of the greatest moments in sports entertainment occurred.

How could you all forget?

Alright, I'll give the answer, but when you hear it you're going to slap your forehead like a V-8 disciple.

Better yet, I'll just link to it.

No, better yet, I'll put up the main event right here. Enjoy it like it was yesterday. Because it had everything:
93,173 spectators at the Silverdome. Jesse Ventura and Gorilla Monsoon (as the TV announcers), Bob Uecker (as the ring announcer), Mary Hart (as the bell ringer). Koko B. Ware. Jake the Snake with Alice Cooper. Legendary managers Bobby "The Brain" Heenan and Jimmy Hart. The Honky Tonk Man. Hacksaw Jim Duggan. Rowdy Roddy Piper. Macho Man Randy Savage with Miss Elizabeth. It reads like a Who's Who of Pro Wrestling.

And of course, there was the main event-
Andre The Giant and Hulk Hogan, both in their prime. The sizes of these two is overwhelming. Seeing Hogan pick up the 500 lb. giant and slam him still amazes me.

This was entertainment at its finest and the pinnacle of the Golden Age of the WWF.


  1. Hey!! I'm pretty sure I was at a remote telecast for this. They had all the local venues where WWF would play setup to watch it on a giant television. I'm pretty sure we went to WMIII.

  2. Barb!

    I do.


    This is the kind of thing they invented giant televisions for.

  3. That is interesting, kinda. Actually, I loved "professional" wrestling as a child. My brother and I would dress up as our favorite wrestlers and have wrestling matches in our living room. (Don't worry, it all ended by the time we hit age 12 or so.) Anyway...

    My wrestling claims to fame:
    Jesse Ventura is my sister-in-law's cousin's husband (her mom and Terri's mom are sisters). Also, my dad was good buds with Vern Gagne. (

  4. TK!

    Yeah. That probably would have been the good ol' days of Dick The Bruiser and The Black Jacks.

    It's awesome that you're related to Jesse The Body Ventura. I had to draw myself a map to figure it out, but that's totally awesome. I love how he pronounces "Gorilla" with such emphasis.