Friday, April 06, 2007

But I Really Do Feel Bad For The Guy!

I just had to post this because it is hilarious.

From Jim Rome:
"Despite uncorking perhaps the worst opening pitch in the history of baseball, Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory says he wants another shot.

Are you sure, Mayor? I mean, have you seen this tape? As bad as it must have felt, it looked ten times worse. I appreciate you having the stones to get back on that horse, but you might want to quit while you’re behind. You didn’t even get up on the bump: you went to the edge of the grass and still fired it towards the first base dugout. And hit an umpire!

The ‘Nati’ is a proud baseball town; you don’t want to subject them to any more ridicule nationally than you already have. Besides, you need to think about your career. When you come up for reelection, you just know your opponent is going to run TV spots, with that atrocity and the tag line, if this man can’t throw a baseball 60 feet 6 inches, do you really want him running your city? Never mind 60 feet 6 inches, he only had to get about 50 and barely kept in the stadium. Just wear it, my man, keep moving and hope that people get sick of watching it on YouTube and move on to something else. Don’t get me wrong, no one wants to see ball 2 as much as I do, but for your political future, you need to shut it down."

I just love Eric Davis "what the..." look on his face.

Well. brace yourselves, kiddies, because we now have been treated to ball 2! On Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Why did he do this? What did he have to gain by this humiliation? I mean, anybody can pull a Mitch Williams once in a lifetime. But to do it twice?

Look, you're not good at throwing. We get that. Even Stuart Smalley gets it. Just leave it at that. It's not the most important thing in the world. In fact, most people don't even care if their mayor can throw strikes. It's a pretty worthless talent at this point in your life. You should have just left it at that. Now it just looks pathetic.

Actually, the guy has been a good sport about it all. Here's the interview portion of the show:

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