Monday, April 23, 2007

The Inner Workings Of My Mind

I cast some seed and planted some vegetables the last two days. And all I could think of was this...

Gilligan's Island- Episode 71- "Pass The Vegetables Please."

You know, the one where Gilligan finds the crate of radioactive vegetable seeds. He plants his garden, and the vegetables spring forth almost as soon as they are planted and watered.

Which has left me mighty disappointed that after one day, I'm still vegetabless. I suppose next I'll be told I won't have super-powers after eating them.


  1. Just promise us you won't try to see if you can fly.

  2. Barb!

    Naw, I'd stick within the parameters of the show. Spinach for super-strength, carrots for super-vision, sugar beets for extra energy.

    Just don't make me eat soap at the end.

  3. Hi Barb! I will keep an eye on him!!
    I have to do that now and then. Right Scottius?

  4. Luce!

    Just one eye? What will the other be doing?

  5. Ah, good question chimpie! Well maybe, I better keep both of my eyes "on alert and watch" for the chimp!!:)