Monday, April 09, 2007

Some Post-Easter Wrap Up Thoughts

I stood at the center aisle entrance to the sanctuary yesterday as the procession and choirs slowly entered at the start of the service. The ushers are supposed to count the people as they enter the sanctuary. Well, they went by kind of fast, making it more difficult to remain accurate. So I suggested we yell out to the pastors, who by then were making their way to the altar, for a "do-over."

Can this really be done? I say yes, because the lights were still dimmed. On Good Friday, the lights go down at the end of the service and stay down until Easter morning when the cross is uncovered. So as long as the lights are still off, I think this could have been pulled off without a lot of commotion.

While the lights in the sanctuary were out, I found several wives and husbands struggling in the dark to find where their significant other was seated. Which caused me to think that, sometime in the history of the church, somebody has sat down next to the wrong person, thinking in the dark that it was their spouse. Thankfully, there were no screams at our church when the lights flew on.

And, thanks to DanatNR, Lutheranism now has a new name. Remember the George Gobel post last week? Well, Lutherans are from now on to be known as Evangelical Reformed Catholic Orthodox Lutheran- Properly Defined. Or simply, ERCOL.

From now on, when somebody asks your religion, just say...

"I'm ERCOL!"


  1. I can't take full credit for ERCOL. The original idea came from Seminarian Chaz Lehmann, but he has since deleted that post and many others! :)

  2. Honey, are you sitting down? :) I am speechless!!!! :)

  3. Dan@NR!

    If that post is now dead, you are the heir. Wear it proudly!


    I finally did it!

    (Note to self- 'I'm Urkel' works.)