Friday, August 31, 2007

Drum Songs

I certainly have not heard every song ever recorded. But then again, who has? So don't consider this a list of the "best", only what are my favorites.

It is heavily populated by classic oldies and classic rock.

Here are the songs that have my favorite drum performances. For a list of what the "experts" say, click here.

1. "When The Levee Breaks"- John Bonham/Led Zeppelin. Phenomenonally brutal.
2. "Wipe Out"- by Ron Wilson/The Surfaris. Probably the most famous drum song.
3. "Fool In The Rain"- John Bonham. And yet my favorite part of this song is still the whistle at 2:26, which starts Bonham's incredible interlude piece.
4. "Won't Get Fooled Again"- Keith Moon/The Who.
5. "Rock And Roll"- John Bonham.
6. "Achilles Last Stand"- John Bonham.
7. "Sympathy For The Devil"- Charlie Watts/The Rolling Stones.
8. The entire Side One of the album Moving Pictures- that would be "Tom Sawyer", "Red Barchetta", "YYZ" and "Limelight"- Neil Peart/Rush.
9. "Hot For Teacher"- Alex Van Halen/Van Halen.
10. "Tusk"- Fleetwood Mac/USC Marching Band.
11. "Do It Again"- Jim Hodder/Steely Dan. It's just got such a great beat to it.
12. "Ticket To Ride"- Ringo Starr/The Beatles. Ringo's still my favorite drummer.
13. "My Best Friend"- Roger Taylor/Queen.
14. "Who Are You"- Keith Moon.
15. "Help!"- Ringo Starr.

Feel free to agree or disagree. I haven't heard the vast majority of songs ever recorded, so if you have any suggestions for the list, send me the song and I'll consider it.

And finally, here's an amazing piece of drumming trivia:

The most single-stroke drumbeats played in one minute is 1,026, achieved by Johnny Rabb of the USA, on April 28, 2000, at the Nashville Music Institute, Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

"That's Incredible!"


  1. What an excellent list. Many of the songs you listed are very inspiring - especially for new (and seasoned) drummers. When ever I need additional inspiration, I'll be checking out this list for sure!

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  2. Michael!

    Thanks for stopping and commenting.

  3. The drum trivia is old..
    Mike the man is the fastest drummer now. 1200 s0mething beats i think.. might be more.