Friday, May 11, 2007

If You've Got The Time, I've Got The...Stuff Or Something

If you were alive in the 1970s, enjoy these videos. Thanks to YouTube.

"Just click a link and hold on! And a 1 and a 2 and a 3..."

Link 1.
Link 2.
Link 3.
Link 4.

Link 5.
Link 6.
Link 7.
Link 8.
Link 9.

And for a little old humor:
Link 10.
Link 11.
Link 12.
Link 13.
Link 14.
Link 15.


  1. You really should have given me just a bit of a warning on this post! I'm up to song six, it's 11pm on a Sunday night and I've already laughed, cried and looked over my shoulder to make sure my teens can't see what I'm doing. I didn't KNOW that ELO concert from 2001 even existed and I claim to be Jeff Lynne's biggest fan (the title of which now goes to the blond back up singer and that guy in the crowd wearing the black t-shirt and jumping up and down). I found several other videos from the concert and will post on it this week. Cheap Trick was also a big favorite of mine. And the Moody Blues...well, what can I even say about the emotions their songs bring up. Was there ever a better era than the 70's for music? Not for those of us who grew up in it. Glen at Territorial Bloggings claims the best songs were from the 80's, but that's his era. I'll be back to check out the rest of the list.

  2. TK!

    Sorry. I just took some random songs in my head and looked them up to see if they were on YouTube. The '70s were the best...I think. Nostalgia, I'm sure, also plays a role, because there were probably an equal number of dreadful songs as well.

  3. Scottius!

    I love that Sweet video. The Rodney videos were side-splitting funny, too.

  4. Rick!

    I want to dress like all of those guys.