Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I never thought I'd type these words- I'm glad to see Juan Encarnacion back in the lineup. But that's how bad the offense has been so far.

Every time I hear John Mellencamp's song "Our Country", I am immediately reminded of the 2006 MLB Playoffs and World Series. Remember how they played it so many times during all those games between innings to adverstise the Chevy Silverado? I will forever associate this song with that time and those great moments. Kind of like the songs "Celebration" by Kool and the Gang and "You Can Do Magic" by America are associated in my mind with the 1982 World Series Championship.

Seems like the world is taking its cues from me again. Here are a couple of good articles on the Cardinals problems. I could cry about it, but what would it get me? Just remember, you read it here first. First is Ken Rosenthal at Fox Sports. John Heyman at SI.com. Viva El Birdos discussion.

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