Saturday, May 05, 2007

Two More Ugly Losses In One Day

A 13-0 beatdown and more extremely bad news. We're now in free fall. How low can we go?


  1. Here's something that might cheer you up, Scottius. Be warned; you have to have a twisted sense of humor to enjoy it, but for some reason I think you do...

  2. Yikes!

    Thanks for your comment about the peppers the other day. I can handle the little inch long red hot peppers and that is about it. And those I have not found at the garden center lately -- maybe this year. No one here would eat the hotter ones. I wonder if they would spoil the deer's love on my garden however.

  3. Barb!

    Whoa! That was sick. That's like a South Park version. And the makers of that cartoon have it wrong- Hobbes IS real! Everyone knows that.


    They'd probably just ignore them and keep eating the favored stuff.

    I like Jalapenos. The ones out of the garden don't seem as hot to me as the ones you get at Subway. This year we're trying banana peppers for the first time.