Monday, May 21, 2007

Why I Yam What I Yam And That's All That I Yam

With apologies to Popeye.

"No problem, mate."

Many of you have wondered publicly and privately why I turned out like I did.

This video clip provides the answer.

Any more questions?

NZR was on my before-school TV agenda every day in the 3rd grade. I always wanted to live like Freddy the Frog.

Thanks, YouTube.


  1. Hey Chimpie, this video brings back memories! I have to say that I liked Henrietta Hippo myself!! :)

  2. Luce!

    She was my least favorite of the group. She whined a lot and was kind of a snob. She did have the cleanest house, though.

  3. I also watched the New Zoo Revue (coming right to you). It had completely left my mind, but is now back thanks to you! "See the light" is CLEARLY a secret message to kids to try drugs.

    This was my favorite show:

  4. Better link:

  5. TK!

    HR was super cool. I also liked Liddsville and Sigmund and the Seamonsters.

    I don't think today's kid shows are laid back drug induced entertainment like yesterday's were.