Friday, June 29, 2007

Another Edition Of 1970s Fridays

Thanks to YouTube and others.

Enjoy. A little something for everybody today. If you have any suggestions for future episodes, e-mail me or just leave a comment.

Link 1.

Link 2.

Link 3.

Link 4.

Link 5.

Link 6.

Link 7.

Link 8.

Link 9.

Link 10.

Link 11.

Link 12. Warning- a little R-rated.

Link 13.

Link 14.

Link 15.


  1. Boy, these clips sure bring back a lot of memories, don't they? It's too bad our computer won't play the whole clip! :)

    P.S. Now see, I am a little slow in commenting, but I did comment on your post! :)

  2. Luce!

    Slow is fine. I am often slow to the draw.