Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Curse Of Sam Bowie

How'd you like to be the Portland Trailblazers? In 1984 they had the distinction of making the worst draft decision in the history of mankind in passing over Michael Jordan to pick Sam Bowie.

Tomorrow they will have to decide again between two potentially great players, who also happen to be a big man (like Bowie) and a scorer (like Jordan), as they once again are faced with having the #1 pick of the NBA draft. (The draft to me is the only interesting thing about the NBA these days, but I digress).

Taking a lesson from history, they should go with the scorer this time and not the dominant big man. The last time they took the big guy, it didn't work out so well.

Not that Kevin Durant is a little guy at 6-10, but he's not going to play center.

I think whatever they do, they're screwed. Whoever they pick will be a bust. It's just the way it is. It's the curse of Sam Bowie.

The guy they pass on will go on to win 6 championships. It's inevitable.

And Portland will go down with #1 and #2 in the list of worst sports decisions of all time.


  1. Big guys are a rarity in the league, though. That's why the Cavs stick with Ilgauskas, even though he doesn't set the paint on fire. And speaking of, the Cavs hit draft gold a few years back with LeBron James. If an improbable city like Cleveland can do it, why not Portland? Oh yeah, the Sam Bowie curse.

  2. Barb!

    Yes, it's going to be like the curse of Babe Ruth or the curse of the billy goat. There is no washing off one like this.

    Who will Cleveland go after?

  3. No clue, honestly. We could use a better big man than Z, or maybe a good guard that can hit the three fairly reliably. In my opinion. It's funny; they made it to the finals, but I think there's still some holes on that team.

  4. Barb!

    Cleveland didn't have a pick last night?

  5. According to what I just read, Cleveland has no picks in the draft. The article also says we need to pick up a "consistent perimeter shooter and point guard", so I guess I was paying *some* attention this season. Go me! :)