Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Scottius Maximus Word Of The Month

For July, it's "oi." Or, if you prefer, "oy".

Oi- an interjection; used to get someone's attention.

Wikipedia says "Oi, pronounced [ɔɪ], is a British, Irish, Australian, and New Zealand slang interjection used to get someone's attention, or to express surprise or disapproval. It is also occasionally used in the United States. It is also used in Singapore, with the alternate pronunciation [oɪ]. It is not polite, but it is not especially offensive. It is not to be confused with the Yiddish exclamation of dismay or exasperation "oy" or "oy vey". Often, on television, radio and other media, a stereotypical London Policeman says "Oi! Sunshine! You're nicked!"."

Let's use it, a song...

Here's cousin Bon...

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