Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Design Star Thoughts So Far

After two weeks of HGTV's Design Star, here's my take.

- I don't disagree with any of the cancellations so far. Lisa was definitely going to be one of the first to go. And both Neeraja and "Green" Josh botched their leadership assignments, so it was clear they were going to go last week.

- This year's contestants are less team oriented than last year's. They've thrown each other under the bus a few times. I think Will, Kim and Sparkle Josh are the most team oriented.

- "Sparkle" Josh is definitely the frontrunner.

- I was certain Rob was going out that first week, but he has survived elimination two weeks in a row. And I'm glad he didn't. I kind of like the guy, even though he seems a bit obnoxious. He's fun to watch. And the most likely to be murdered by his fellow contestants. Which is probably why they have kept him on.

- Kim won't win. Don't know why, but she seems in over her head. Maybe it's because she's a hairdresser!

- Scott seems like a wuss, what with his back pain complaint and all. Hey dude, suck it up, this is your chance to do something great. You'll never be given a greater chance than this, so take advantage of it. You can whine about your pain when it is over. He reminds me of Jack Clark, who didn't play in the 1987 World Series due to an injury. Clark never made it back to play in the World Series after that. That said, Scott is still a contender.

- Todd is the most laid back of the group, kind of acting semi-detached, like he is above it all. Which he probably is. But he is also a bit cocky, and since he is probably as flaky as the California surfer dude he projects, he is vulnerable to flaking out and doing something totally outrageous. A quarter pipe in a living/dining area? Hello? However, I still think with his building skills he is a contender.

- I thought after the first show Adriana would be one of the first to go. She redeemed herself last week. She is a mighty fine carpenter. She'll be in it for awhile.

- I'm not sure how long Christina will last. She seems like such a lightweight in this whole thing. Or perhaps she has not been able to showcase her skills yet. But the way she tried to blow up Adriana in week one was pretty shallow, considering she went along with what was done.

- At first I thought Will was just a token black guy. But he is my favorite of the group. He seems honest, down to earth, and just a regular guy. I hope he goes far, but I just have a feeling he won't make it.

- The next show will definitely weed some people out, because this will be the first solo assignments they've been given. And I don't feel like I'm going out on a limb in saying Rob won't make it through another week.

- I believe Kim and Christina are also vulnerable. We'll see. Will has earned enough points the last two weeks as part of a team that I think he'll survive.

- Here's the opening book on the eventual winner- and remember, if you do wager, don't wager here on my website:
Sparkle Josh is even .
Todd 5:1.
Scott 5:1.
Adriana 10:1.
Will 50:1.
Christina 100:1.
Kim 200:1.
Robb 1,000:1.

- Here's the book on this week's cancellation:
Robb even.
Kim 2:1.
Christina 5:1.
Will 10:1.
Scott (due to injury) 20:1.
Todd (due to surfer mentality and flake factor) 30:1.
Adriana 50:1.
Sparkle Josh 1,000:1.

Don't forget to tune in Sunday night at 8 p.m.

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