Tuesday, August 14, 2007

More Design Star Thoughts

Design Star Episode 3 is in the books. Five are gone, and we're now down to six contestants. I'm not sure why, but next week will be another double elimination, leaving only 4 designers left. I think they're trying to end this Labor Day weekend.

This week was whacked.

- Biggest disappointment goes to Scott. What happened to this guy? The first week he did the best, and then he fell apart. He had the back injury thing in week 2, and this week he just seemed lifeless and not in to it. And that room he built- what was that supposed to be?

- Todd had the best work? It wasn't even a room. What he made was a work of art. And he got rewarded for this? Granted it looked cool. And he should not have been eliminated this week. Once again, he shows he is good in his own niche. So as long as you want skateboarding and surfing themes in your house, he's the designer for you. But I have yet to see him do anything anyone else would have the slightest interest in besides him. Or some other surfer, dude. I'm now convinced- no way Todd wins this thing. Unless the show they want is called California Surf Design. He's going to have to bring more to the plate than this.

- Sparkle Josh should have been gone. That thing he made was hideous. Which I think points out the biggest weakness in this show. You can stand out and be the best two weeks running, and yet if you have one bad week you are gone. There she be some kind of elimination immunity the next week for having been judged as having the best work.

- That said, Adrianna didn't deserve to go. Her work was better than Josh, Rob and Kim.

- Rob's work blew me away- in a bad way. The guy paints a giant hideous flag like thing on the wall, in powder blue and gold no less, and the judges go ga-ga over it. What gives? I guess because he put an extra dimension in the wall by hanging a table top on it and putting a light behind it makes you a design star. That room was a seizure generator. NO WAY that's in my house. I'll say it again- I think they are keeping Rob around because he provides an interesting personality.

But that said, even though he should be gone, I like him. He's got personality, and wouldn't mind if he won the whole thing. I'd watch his show.

- Will did strong work. And also has a personality. Which makes me think that he's gonna be a contender. Rob and Will have the strongest personalities. Kim also. As this thing goes on, their charisma is going to play more of a role when they start to play to the camera.

- Kim is still in this because she hasn't been the worst of the week so far. At least yet.

- Christina had the best work this week by far. Elegant and classy work. I was shocked Todd, and not Christina, won best work for the week. But she just doesn't seem capable of pulling this thing off.

- So here is my revised book on who will win:
Sparkle Josh 2:1
Christina 5:1
Todd 10:1
Will 15:1
Kim 20:1
Rob 50:1

- Revised book on elimination odds this week:
Rob 2:1
Kim 2:1
Will 5:1
Todd 10:1
Christina 20:1
Sparkle Josh 30:1

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