Friday, August 03, 2007

Thanks To Barb, My Secret Identity Has Been Revealed!

The only name I recognize is Mr. Darcy's. So I don't know who I am, really. And if you haven't read my "review" of Pride and Prejudice, go here.

You scored as Edward Ferrars, Edward Ferrars from Sense and Sensibility is one of the most awkward characters you'll come across, but it's endearing once his better qualities come out. He's devoted, extremely true to his word, and gentle.

Edward Ferrars


Mr. Darcy


Captain Wentworth




Which Jane Austen Hero are You? (For Guys)
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  1. Most of what I found out about Edward Ferrars is that he marries Elinor Dashwood. Scary? Hope I haven't ruined the end of Sense and Sensibility for you. You know, in case Lucy decides to rent it.

  2. Barb!

    Stop right there! Don't ruin a Jane Austen movie for me before Luce can rent it. I got through Pride&Prejudice, but I also didn't know the ending...ah, who am I kidding, the ending was pretty predictable. But it was entertaining.
    - Edward

  3. Should I read this book on my vacation? I've never read any Jane Austen that I can remember.

  4. TK!

    No. Watch the long-version movie instead. Don't read anything during your vacation. Except this blog.

  5. I am bringing my laptop and there is wireless in the lodge. Isn't that sad, really?

  6. TK!

    I think that is perfect! Rent the "Pride And Prejudice" BBC version with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle. You're all set.