Thursday, August 09, 2007

Two More Posts I Wish I Had Written

Because this one hilariously and superbly puts "on paper" exactly how I feel about this season- the Cardinals are dead, and yet are un-dead, as in the movie Night of the Living Dead:

"Reporter: Are they slow-moving, chief?
Sheriff: Yeah, they're dead, they're . . . . all messed up.

all messed up, to be sure --- feeble and plodding and stupid, beyond sensation, beyond reason. they departed the green realm of postseason contention weeks ago, yet here they are still, the dead walking among the living. they won't rest; they can't be stopped. no wound can inflict any damage beyond what they've already sustained.

creepy, but kind of cool to watch. for summer entertainment, it'll do."

And after watching Kip Wells pitch the past couple of weeks, who can argue with the metaphor?! This guy, just when I'm sure he's dead, becomes un-dead. If the Brewers and Cubs keep tripping and falling while looking over their shoulders, these un-dead creatures will catch them.

And this post tries to make sense of the fact (and succeeds) that Barry Bonds, not Hank Aaron, is now the home run king. It's written by the keeper of my former favorite blog, Redbird Nation, Mr. Brian Gunn. (Hat tip to Dan at Get Up, Baby!)

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