Monday, August 20, 2007

Weekend TV

It rained yesterday, so I watched TV.

"Ice Road Truckers" came to an end last night. Hugh beat out Alex in both number of loads and pounds moved. I was kind of rooting for Alex, although Hugh is a heck of a driver. I just think he was too cocky for my taste.

The "Design Star" episode this week was a little quirky. A wedding reception design? What was that about? I admit I don't know how this is going to turn out, but that won't stop me from making further predictions.

Sparkle Josh, who I had pegged as the 'favorite', deserved to get canned. I was wrong about him all along. Looking back on it, I think the judges nailed it- he knew how to shop and how to decorate, but when he had to design something from scratch, he just didn't seem as "in to it". So there was no way he could win this thing.

Christina fooled me last week into thinking she had a shot, because she really put together a nice design. And there was nothing wrong with this week's design, except she put her own ideas ahead of the customer's. It was way too "girly". She totally ignored the groom's wishes. I had a feeling as soon as she said the whole wedding was for the bride that she was in trouble. Robb hit the nail on the head in telling her how wrong she was, that this was a 50-50 proprosition between bride and groom, and in the end once again he triumphed.

Now we have Todd, Robb, Kim and Will. Will was the closest to exiting of those remaining, and I can honestly say he has done nothing to distinguish himself so far in this whole contest. Neither has Kim. But they remain in it. I can't see either one of them winning, though.

Which leaves us with a horse race between Robb and Todd. I think Todd is going to win. And he is beginning to show us a little more and bring more to the table than skateboarding and surfing. Heck, this week it was guitars and gambling.

This year's contestants were weak compared to 2006. If they bring this show back next year, I hope they do a better job picking the contestants.

Moving on, I caught a little bit of a movie called "Napoleon Dynamite." I had heard other people mention this movie before, and I can't remember why. Was this supposed to be comedy? Drama? I found it to be completely weird and undeserving of any attention.

Speaking of undeserving of any attention, I caught "Black Sheep" on TV for the first time in several years. I must have seen this movie too many times, because the scenes I laughed so hard at previously barely brought out a chuckle. Maybe it's just not as funny as I remembered. Or maybe I'm just getting old.

I've recently caught a glimpse of a new Game Show called Grand Slam on GSN. I love the idea of having commentators. I love watching Dennis Miller anyway, but his stint in "the booth" of this show is much better than his stint in the booth of MNF a few years ago. And much more suited to his style than football.

Finally, the latest episode of Human Weapon did not disappoint. I never understood the differences between karate, judo and jujitsu, but I do now. This is a can't miss series.

Now, if they can just get us the new season of Ice Road Truckers soon...

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