Monday, September 10, 2007

Weekend Thoughts

1- I'm blown away by Kim's final two performances on Design Star. Way to step up to the plate when the pressure was on. She had shown nothing at all the entire series, basically surviving by staying in the background. I even think she has a good shot at winning now, but I still believe Todd will carry the day.

2- The Patriots look awesome.

3- I loved the Pepsi Max commercial featuring Tony Romo and the Cowboys. Hilarious.

4- Even funnier was the Bud Light commercial with the guys at the opera.

5- Tennessee didn't surprise me, and I sure wish I'd picked them now.

6- The Bears are in sole possession of last place. But last won't last.

7- For probably the first time since I've been alive, the Detroit Lions have a better record than Michigan.

8- What happened to Bob Costas' hair color? If it were wood, I'd call it cherry.

9- What was with that Football Night In America set? If you want to separate the players from the professional broadcast journalists, how about just setting them together at the opposite ends of a table? Do the players really need to be in an enclosed glass cage in practically another zip code across the studio?

10- Seeing Bob Costas with Keith Olbermann is dangerous for me. Because as much as I love and respect Bob Costas, I loathe and disdain Keith Olbermann. I'm afraid if Costas and Olberman touch on screen in my presence, the Scottius Maximus you've grown to love will cease to exist. It's kind of like matter and anti-matter.

11- I lost two games in the final seconds.

12- Way to show up, Kansas City Chiefs. Or should we resurrect the term "Chefs".

13- Idiots are back!


  1. Scottius!

    Thanks for the hat tip.

    Bring back the Chefs! :-)

  2. I'm feeling a bit sad. There is absolutely nothing I can add to your weekend thoughts.

  3. TK!

    Aye, TK, but you just did!

    The fact that you have nothing to add means I uncovered all that there was to this past weekend. Thanks for your insight!