Thursday, October 11, 2007

A&A Cropdusting Service!

If you know what movie this little family business reference is from, then you are either a fan of this great movie or you are trivia royalty.

This movie came out during the summer between my freshman and sophomore year of high school. It was my favorite movie of all time then. And maybe now, although I don't really consider such things much anymore.

It has everything a great movie could possibly have.

1) Great acting performances.

2) A great cast of actors. Hal Holbrook. Sam Waterston. James Brolin. Brenda Vaccaro. Elliott Gould. Karen Black. Telly Savalas. David Doyle. OJ Simpson.

3) Great speeches. Hal Holbrook's at the beginning is dramatic and sets the entire premise of the movie. Both of David Doyle's monologues in the second half are hilarious.

4) A government conspiracy theory for a plot.

5) Good guys being hunted by bad guys.

6) An aerial chase scene near the very end that rocks.

7) Brenda Vaccaro and her voice, probably the finest in movie history.

8) OJ. Any movie with the pre-murderous (allegedly) and pre-insane (allegedly) OJ in it is an instant classic. Fortunately he has but a few lines.

9) Creepy cool music.

The abuse Elliott Gould, as the likable schmuck reporter, takes from almost everyone else in the movie makes for some of the funniest scenes ever.

And yet, it's not a comedy.

A suspense- yes.

Sci-fi- nah, not really.

I would sum up this movie as something Alfred Hitchcock could have made- a suspense thriller with lots of drama, yet lots of funny moments. Sam Waterston's character keeps the one-liners coming.

If you haven't seen the movie, the following scene won't make much sense. But after 29 years it still cracks me up. I never liked Telly Savalas much...until I saw this movie.

If you haven't guessed I'm talking about "Capricorn One" by now, you're clueless. Why is this movie rarely on TV anymore?

The whole darn thing is on Google video. Watch it tomorrow at work. Only 2:04.

And remember..."KEEP YOUR G--D--- HEAD DOWN SO I CAN SEE!"


  1. I never understood the appeal of Brenda Vaccaro, but I remember it. One of those unexplainable guy things, I suppose.

  2. Or maybe not watch it at work...

    "Attention: The Web site that you are trying to access has been deemed inappropriate for use at (insert name of large conglomeration).

    If you receive this message unexpectedly, you may have software running on this machine that is redirecting you to a blocked site.

    If you believe you may have such software running, or if you feel you have a valid business need for access to this website, please contact your supervisor."

    I'm pretty sure I won't get a request approved to watch Google videos at my desk. Oh well.

  3. TK!

    Never met a guy who didn't like her.

    Sorry about the work thing. But remember, before you give guts, no glory.