Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Endorsement Deals

In order to stay interested in October baseball, I have to have a dog in the fight. Not having one this year, I decided to create one.

Wow, what a ball game last night! I'm already losing my allotment of October sleep. It had everything, including a blown call at the end. Not quite Denkinger-esque, due to what was on the line, but it still ended a team's season. The Padres got jobbed, meaning the city of San Diego is now a useful ally in the Cardinals argument that an umpire cost them the 1985 World Series title. And vice-versa.

But I digress. Because I'm actually here to throw the considerable weight of Scottius Maximus Enterprises behind two teams in this year's playoffs. This is actually the first year I've been able to do this, since the Cardinals are out for the first time in 4 years.

National League

Four new teams in the playoffs this year. No one with any playoff experience, really.

Being a Cardinals fan automatically eliminates the Cubs from contention.

After careful consideration, I'm throwing my support behind the Rockies. You gotta love a team that steamrolls it's way to winning 13 of its last 14 games just to get in. And has to win a 13 inning squeaker of a game by coming from 2 runs down in its last at bat. Way to finish! They are the anti-Mets.

Plus, Colorado is my wife's home state. I'd be a fool to go against that.

Next, should Colorado falter, come the Phillies, who score points for knocking out the Mets and also finishing strong. Plus, it's been 27 years since they last won a World Series.

American League

This is much easier. The Yankees and Red Sox are in it every year, so I cannot fathom pulling for either team. And the Angels have been a frequent flier this century also.

Which leaves us with Cleveland. Although I've never visited, I feel a kinship with the city due to favorite bloggers Barb, MarieN and Quipper. Which makes it easy for me to throw my support behind the Indians. (Rick, I'll forget that little Mets thing you tried to pull last year!)
Besides, I fear my blog being burned down if I don't pull for them.

Just kidding!

Actually, it's been 59 years since they've won the World Series, second longest streak besides the Cubs' 99 years.

If they don't make it, I'm in for the Angels. Anything but the upper right hand corner, a.k.a. Boston or New York, in the World Series.

Go Rockies! Go Indians!