Friday, October 05, 2007

Train Wreck Friday Reading

IF you have time to waste today...

IF you know who the Chicago Cubs are...

IF you understand their history...

IF you understand how obnoxious a large portion of their fan base can be...

THEN YOU HAVE to click here and read the game 2 NLDS game thread. HILARIOUS! It's a complete freak out. A total meltdown. Like a trainwreck, it's hard to look away.

This is a good website. I'm not in any way making fun of the blog at all. Lots of good, well thought out and intelligent posts.

But a lot of the commenters are INCREDIBLE! They act like they have never been involved in a post-season before (ooops...most probably haven't):
-Hating on their own players. Many now seem to think Soriano, Lee, Jones and Aram "suck". Some want to bench their best players for not performing...FOR THE PAST TWO GAMES! I guess not hitting home runs or getting a key hit in two straight games is grounds for benching.
-Hating on their manager. Lou Piniella, who was a hero, is now an idiot!
-Hating on their whole team. I love the "they're not trying" cry! Some are planning on booing their team Saturday!

To be honest, I really don't have anything against the Cubs as a team. I wouldn't even care if they up and won the World Series some day...if it weren't for one little problem.

My problem is with a large portion of their fans. I grew up around too many of them.

They (generalization here) act like the world revolves around the Cubs when in reality it hasn't revolved around them since 1908. That's an almost impossibly long 99 years ago. Yet they walk and talk like they are the New York Yankees. Like we're supposed to be impressed by the Chicago Cubs.

News flash- non-Cubs fans either laugh at you or feel sorry for you. And this comment thread is just fodder for both.

Anyone who has sat through a baseball game in their own team's ballpark with the Cubs in town knows what I'm talking about. Cubs fans show up, talk trash (why?), and act like the place is their own.

Listen, Cubs fan, take a deep breath and realize the series is still going on. Winning 3 straight post-season games is not only not impossible, but it happpens a lot. Show some maturity and act like you've been there before. Even if you haven't.

The worst part is if the Cubs do come back and win, these same people will be commenting on how great they are.

And lest you get the impression I think all Cardinals fans are above this, go here and read this quitter's words just before the end of the season in 2006. Not the kind of guys you want having your back.

Get a grip! It's baseball!

Sad or hilarious? You make the call!

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