Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Weekend Thoughts

Better late than never.

This past weekend was sponsored by...

The Sumo Wrestler End Table. Capable of holding practically anything you want to lay on it. And a perfect match for the rest of your Sumo furniture.

Now, on to the thoughts...

1- Notre Dame continues to keep hope alive- 'cause they're 0 and 5! I really think, with a little luck, they can run the table.

2- What a great weekend for Scottius Maximus college sports. Kentucky is now up to #8 in the country. Go SEC! LSU is coming to Lexington 10-13-07 at Commonwealth Stadium. Go Wildcats. Watch Thursday night's game at South Carolina.

3- SIU beat Indiana State 72-10 to raise their record to 5-0.

4- Two of the most contrived sports competitions reared their ugly head. The first was golf's President's Cup. Just a competition to fill in the gaps until next year's Ryder Cup. Second is the college football poll. Poor USC. How does a team go from #1 to #2 in one week, despite winning? Easy. It's all contrived. But we don't need playoffs, right?

5- The Mets finished their tank job. Too bad because if they hadn't they would have won it all. Their Cardinalian swoon lacked one thing- pulling it out at the end, then getting hot (which naturally follows a cold spell) and winning it all like St. Louis last year.

6- Which is why anyone who entered the playoffs as a "hot" team will almost certainly hit a cold spell now, ending their season. The playoffs are such a different animal than the regular season. Everything starts over. Everyone's 0-0. Sorry Colorado.

7- Now that the Brian Griese experiment is off to such a Grossman like start, how about the analysts revealing the real reason why the QBs stink. Because ownership is cheap and let Thomas Jones go to make room for...Cedric Benson?

8- Looks like it's time for Baseball Mogul again to keep my interest until Spring Training starts in February.

9- The Rams are the best 0-4 team in the NFL. Of course, they are the only one also.

10- I thought the Giants D was deficient this year according to the experts. If that's the case, a real team would have sacked Donovan McNabb 20 times instead of just 12. McNabb, I predict, is the next Rex Grossman. Great one week, terrible the next.

11- It's time to revisit my July predicitions for how the baseball season would turn out. TO THE ARCHIVES!


  1. Love the end table! I've got a great idea of where they could put a bottle opener. *snicker!* :-)

  2. OOooo, GOOD One Des Moines Girl!!! I was going to mention that chair placement would be tricky with a table like that. Especially when the pastor comes to visit...

  3. DMG! TK!

    I'm not sure what you all mean. Please elaborate.

  4. Ya wanna reconsider your opinion about Colorado not being a "hot" team to start the playoffs?

    Go Tribe! Beat the Yankees!

  5. Rick!

    I would, except the Phillies were also "hot", so it had to work out this way for one team!

  6. Scottius!

    I found a store that sells the sumo table! They had one left in stock and it was on special clearance because it had a big "crack" in it.

    *snicker!* Sorry - I couldn't resist! ;-)