Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Weekend Thoughts

This week brought to you by the bicycle-lawnmower hybrid.

Peddle your way to a healthier, greener lawn.

The great thing is it looks like it's endorsed by Bret "The Hitman" Hart.

The Hitman would make a great name for a mower like this.

Let's move on to this past weekend, shall we?

1- A more unexciting baseball post-season could not be discovered if we drilled for it in Alaska. The only drama was in Friday night's Indians-Yankees game.

2- Speaking of which, what got God so mad at Jacob's Field? He sure let loose with the insect plague. Do not take your firstborn there.

3- If words can start "sp-", how come we don't have more words that start "sb-"?

4- TBS did not do a good job with the playoffs, did they? I hope the games move back to ESPN next year. Why did the Indians-Yanks get 4 announcers (3 in the booth and 1 in the stands), and others only get 3? Are the Yankees really deserving of more coverage?

5- My two adopted teams for October are still alive.

6- Even though they are called gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John are really full of a lot of law. At least to me. A lot of the things Christ says are brutal. I guess the take home theme then is that Christ fulfilled all the things He says we are supposed to do, so the underlying message is gospel even if there are a lot of expectations placed. Or am I just way out there?

7- Don't answer that last question.

8- I'm glad I'm not a gambler, because I'd have lost my shirt on the NFL these past two weeks.

9- It's weird that I'm not having withdrawal from watching the Cardinals. I think it all stems from not making the post-season. If your team makes the post-season, you're never ready for the season to end. There is always hope the season will continue. Then, when it ends abruptly, you don't know what to do with yourself for days afterward. This year, I had a couple weeks to become interested in other things before they went away for the winter.

10- I loved Saturday night's game between LSU and Flordia. What a comeback by LSU. Although I've never been there, I'd love to someday go to a Saturday night game in Baton Rouge. Tiger Stadium they call it. Loudest stadium on Earth. Scariest stadium on Earth. Caused an earthquake once when a game winning TD was scored.

11- Sets up a great SEC matchup this Saturday when LSU visits Lexington to play Kentucky.

12- Didn't watch a lot of football Sunday. Went to sleep and missed the Bears beating the Packers. Or I should say the Packers beating the Packers. I'm not sure.

13- Dallas reminds me a lot of the Bears last year. Young quarterback, throwing a ton of interceptions, undefeated start, yet winning a game on Monday Night they had no business winning, like the Bears-Cardinals last October.

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